Growing up in the midwest, I remember snow days being about some of the worst weather we could get – and it meant that we could go sledding instead of to school. I had an awesome sled –  it was really fast. Oh to be a kid again! 

Tropical storms and hurricanes, along with flooding, are almost a normal occurrence in the greater Houston area. Whether you’ve been here your whole life or just recently relocated, it’s always a good idea to be prepared – and that includes your property.

Channel 2 ran a story today that over 1.1 million people moved to Houston after Hurricane Ike (2008) and that many people are about to experience their very first gulf coast tropical storm with-potential-to-turn-into Hurricane Harvey!  The new even said in the story, “having water, extra batteries, flashlights and a first-aid kit would also prove helpful in the event of a storm.” That may sound simple but, most people don’t even think about batteries or keeping water on-hand – or even a box of band-aids until they need it – then it’s all hands on deck at every grocery store in town! 

It’s really important that you protect your property as well. Making sure that you have your insurance policy handy – along with your insurance agent’s number in the contacts of your phone is a great thing to do – right now, before you need it. If you’ve been thinking about flood insurance, once this storm passes, now’s the time – don’t wait until you might need it. It’s a low cost investment to protect your real estate – one of, if not the, biggest investment in most people’s lives. If you need a great insurance recommendation for your property, please don’t hesitate to call me or one of the members of the Pye Team. 

We are here for you – in and out of the storm. Stay safe everyone.  Now…If I only had a boat…. 

Thx, Colleen & the Pye Team