If you are ready to sell your home in Tomball, Texas, you should know what home staging is. Home staging is preparing and displaying a home to appeal to the most buyers in the target market, so it will sell quickly and for the highest price. You may stage your home yourself or have a professional stage it for you. Staged homes can spend 90% less time on the market.

First, make sure you have good curb appeal, with a well-groomed lawn and landscaping. Also, consider power washing the outside of your home and driveway. Complete even small repairs. Many buyers want a move-in ready home and needed repairs can be a turnoff due to their cost. Hire professional cleaners to deep clean your home before the first showing and then maintain it. Be sure windows are clean and curtains or blinds are open for maximum light.

Buyers should imagine themselves living in your home, regardless of their taste. Consider painting your walls a neutral color. Remove personal belongings such as pictures and décor that is very specific in taste and style.

The fewer items there are in a home, the more open and larger it feels. Remove one to two pieces of furniture from each room. Declutter your belongings and try to remove at least a third overall from your home. Try to reduce your closet contents by half and organize them because buyers will carefully examine all storage spaces.

Rearrange contents in display cabinets or on fire place mantels, book shelves, and other surfaces so they are less cluttered and more visually appealing. Finally, add some items that will help buyers see themselves living in your home, such as a coffee maker in the kitchen, a set table in the dining room, extra throw pillows on the beds and couches, white bathrobes and towels in the bathroom, and a tray with coffee and cups or wine and wine glasses on the master bedroom bed.