Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent

Local knowledge

Has your agent recently listed or sold a home in the market area you want to buy in? It takes time and experience to learn about and be successful at selling homes in a specific area. Not only does your agent need to be intimately familiar with the neighborhood you are looking in, but he or she also needs to know about the area builders and the homes themselves.

Detail-oriented and organized

Selling or listing a home involves countless details. You need a real estate agent that pays attention to the smallest detail and who is organized enough to get the work done to make the sale happen. A detailed-oriented real estate agent will oversee everything from repairs to quality pictures and marketing materials to home staging.

Experienced negotiator

You need a real estate agent with exceptional negotiation skills and experience. Real estate negotiations happen quickly, and your agent needs to help you respond with confidence to any counter-offers you receive. On average, an experienced real estate agent can save you up to 3-5% of the sales price through skilled negotiation!

Skilled use of technology

Home sales can happen quickly, and housing market conditions fluctuate constantly. Agents have many technological tools with the most up-to-date information on the sale of a home and what is happening in a market area to keep you informed as changes occur. Choose an agent who uses those tools well.


An agent that is tenacious follows through with what is needed regardless of the circumstances. Real estate preparations and negotiations can become both tense and intense, so you want an agent that never gives up as your advocate in that process.

Assertive Communicator

You want an agent that is not afraid to speak his or her mind. Real estate is a competitive business, and your agent should always be advocating for you as the buyer or promoting your home as the seller.

Work Ethic

You want a realtor with a reputation for his or her work ethic. Each listing or sale of a home should be equally important to your realtor. This means that your realtor makes the time to attend to each detail of your real estate transaction as it comes up and does not miss opportunities by being complacent.


An honest agent does not over-promise or misrepresent to buyers or sellers what will be involved in the real estate process, creating unrealistic expectations. Instead, he or she will explain the process and present a realistic plan of how to achieve the buyers’ or sellers’ goals in the purchase or sale of their home.